The Problem:  Cold and Flu

Employers annually spend over
$500 per employee for the cold,
flu, pneumonia and sepsis

Cost to businesses is higher than diseases like diabetes

Most common reason

for absenteeism

Leads to serious conditions, from pneumonia to sepsis

The Solution:  Simulated Learning


learn by doing,

and we provide

the environment

to practice

600+ studies show technology-enhanced simulation training

improves outcomes of knowledge, skills and behavior.

Viven Health is Different from other Teaching Methods

Our software utilizes simulated learning, a proven approach to effect behavior change.

The Outcome:  ROI and Measurable Results

Cold, flu, pneumonia and sepsis can be reduced by improved hygiene and vaccinations

Simulated learning will

change behavior to reduce infections for employees and

the community

Significant and measurable reductions in costs are possible